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Business bottlenecks are points where workflow backs up because one stage of the process is slower than the stage that preceded it. Some bottlenecks are short-term, such as those caused by an employee’s absence. Others are long-term. Those require reengineering of business processes to eliminate bottlenecks. Apple has identified bottlenecks in its retail stores during holiday sales season and has implemented solutions to unblock them. Six Sigma offers some tools to identify and unblock business bottlenecks.

Key Takeaways:

  • A bottleneck describes when a process becomes disrupted, slowed and even stopped; a consequence derived of something inputted faster than the next step can create output.
  • When possible, quantify the bottleneck in measurable terms. This will not only help you understand the problem, but can assist in focusing on the state of the restriction.
  • Once a bottleneck has been identified, figure out why it has been happening and fix the problem. Gather any materials or staff you need to continue efficient production.

“”Process improvement is an important part of any business. Regular reviews can benefit a company in many facets.””

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