How Lean Thinking Can Relieve Traffic Jams

Date: October 29, 2016  Posted in: Commentary  Comments: 0

Traffic jams are a constant problem for many commuters on a daily basis. However, lean thinking may be able to relieve traffic jams. What does this mean? It means you allow yourself to go with the pull and not push the means along until you can safely by pass the traffic and become then the car in the lead or ultimately the pace car.

Key Takeaways:

  • A single driver, driving poorly such as cutting off other drivers, can slow the entire system and create a traffic jam.
  • Using lean principles, think of the car in front of you as the customer and allow a safe space between you.
  • Accelerate when others are accelerating, not braking, to prevent traffic jams.

“Typical taxpayer-funded Department of Transportation’s solutions include expanding or building more roads, reducing the number of cars on the road by promoting carpooling or public transportation, a puzzling removal of lanes by converting them to express toll lanes, and even magical thinking that large numbers of people will transport themselves across steep rainy hills in bicycle lanes.”

Constraint Breaker

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