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Date: October 18, 2016  Posted in: Commentary  Comments: 0

Talent is an important thing to have, but even more important is having the grit to back up your efforts. Talent will only take you so far, but with grit and resolve you can push yourself past any and all expectations. It really comes down to the question of how much you want it. Are you willing to put your all into the effort?

Key Takeaways:

  • Grit is a casual word which means “resolve” in English. Endurance with a mission. Doing something difficult and not giving up.
  • Grit matters because big (interesting, worthwhile) problems take a long time to get done.
  • Set a goal worthy of your passion and perseverance. Find what you are good at, challenges you, satisfies you. Find what gives you flow and get at it.

“Duckworth argues that we undervalue hard work, grit, and perseverance.”

Constraint Breaker

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