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Four Reasons Why Work/Life Balance is Still Valid

Having work/life balance is something that seems to be a dwindling thing because most people feel that in order to have the life they want requires working all the time and no time to have personal t...


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7 Creative Insights To Give Your Career a Boost This Very Second

Making a change in your life to improve your career in the long term is something that can make your life a lot better. There are of course the solutions that can take some time to change such as a b...


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9 Signs You Are On The Verge of Burnout (And What To Do About It)

Life gets busy so fast for adults and sometimes even children or young adults. Getting rest in between the crazy days that are packed full of work, problems ans stress is very important otherwise you...


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Pause and Affect

Pausing something is a very powerful act that can in some forms seem like it is a bad thing because you are stopping something at least for the time being but you are doing it in order to fulfill ano...


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Waking up early doesn’t make you more productive. Here’s what does

Productivity is key when it comes to work, life and everything in between… but what does it truly mean to be productive? Chris Bailey from A life of Productivity explores what it means to be pr...


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6 Signs Your Subconscious Negativity Is Sabotaging Your Well-Being (and How to Stop It)

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive all the times, but is your negativity taking over in a bad way? Rick Riddle of Life Optimizer provides 6 ways to identify when your negativity is making thing...


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Taking the time to listen

Being a good listener requires more skills that just open ears. It is important to really focus and understand someone else’s views. You can be a good listener in many different situations. As a lis...


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How to Save Time on Social Media Management

Social media can cost you lots of money or lots of time. By using this tools I’m goin to mention and outomating content. You have to make sure that is not outdated. Don’t make post out to...


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Productivity In The Workplace: 5 Ways To Take It To A New Level

If doing your work effeciently, without giving into distractions, seems like an impossible task, these tips can help you get on the right track to being more productive in the workplace. Start keepin...


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